Facing History and Facing Ourselves: Teaching Resources

FacingHistory.org is an excellent FREE resource for thoughtful and interactive teaching activities, videos, and material. I used resources from their Reconstruction unit in my class this semester.

For a long time there was only one history presented about Reconstruction of the South and the Union after the Civil War. This narrative was promoted by William Dunning in the late 1800’s and took hold in schools and universities for decades to come. His views were used to justify Jim Crow laws and delegitimize progress made by African Americans in the South during Reconstruction.

After studying the era of Reconstruction after the Civil war we watched the video, “A Contested History” and discussed the importance of knowing the difference between fact, opinion, propaganda, and the role subjectivity. We discussed the importance of questioning traditional narratives in light of new or different evidence.

I think you will find useful material here for many subjects, not just history.

The even have a blog! Facing Today