I am an adjunct (part-time) history professor at a community college in North Carolina with aspirations of a full-time gig. I have an M.A. in History and dream of the day I can actually afford to get my Ph.D. Ha! There are few things I love more than teaching, though a few humans do make the list. I began teaching in 2014 and this blog is dedicated to my experiences as a teacher/historian (the good and bad), sharing useful teaching resources, my musings on education and the difference between those ideas and their practical application, and breaking the stigma behind the idea that history is boring and/or irrelevant.

I teach American History I, American History II, World Civilizations I, World Civilizations II, and Western Civilizations I.

Most historical figures, societies, and empires are dead in name only, and their undying legacies are infused upon the regions and people that survive. Just because we forget, ignore, or attempt to destroy the history of bygone days it does not change their impact on our everyday lives. History is the reason for the present and a guide to the future. Join me as I attempt to breathe life into the long, and not so long, dead past to awaken the living.

Thin Lizzy is my pen name, a nod to the woman whose rule and portraiture consumed my graduate thesis, Elizabeth I of England.

Disclaimer: Sarcasm employed often and without notice.

Note on the title image: Cropped photographic reproduction of Hugo Simberg, Garden of Death, 1896, Watercolor, {{PD-old-auto-1923|1917}}
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